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SAT NOV 21, 2020 at 10am - TEAM RIDE - Berliner MTB Skills Park

Berliner Park is Central Ohio's newest mountain bike destination. It has some trails and a skills park. This ride is perfect for all skill levels. It has newly built obstacle that are approachable for beginners and ways for more advanced riders to push themselves. Invite your biking friends.


SUN OCT 25, 2020 at 10AM - TEAM RIDE - Chestnut Ridge Metro Park

5260 Mason Rd NW, Canal Winchester, OH 43110

We will be hosting a team group ride for all skill levels at Chestnut Ridge, one of Central Ohio's best MTB destinations. The whole loop is about 10 miles, but if you're not sure you want to do the whole loop there are shortcuts to turn it into a 3-6 mile no-drop ride. You can also practice skills at the skills park or pump track. More advanced riders can send it on the downhill flow trail, More Cowbell.


For those looking to get an extra workout in, there will be a 8:45am "fast lap". This will be "no apologies, full-drop". Faster than average pace.


Afterwards, we can hang out and have a few recovery beverages while we talk bikes and trails.

All times are "wheels on dirt". Show up early if you need to get dressed or set up your bike.


SUN OCT 11, 2020 at 10AM- "Team Fun Ride" at Alum Creek's Phase 2 MTB Trail. This will be a no-drop 6-mile ride for all skill levels. (James will be doing a fast lap at 9am, if anyone wants to push themselves harder.) Afterwards, we can have a recovery beverage and hang out in the picnic area. This is a great chance to get to know your teammates, get in shape, and build your skills.


SAT OCT 10,2020 - OMBC Race at the Grand Barn near Mohican. If you sign up make sure to put "Nocterra Trek MTB" for your team name. Trek is planning to have a presence at the race.  There are different distances for novice, intermediate and expert riders.




Stop by the Nocterra Taproom between now and our deadline of October 15th, 2020 to fill out your membership form and pay your membership fee of $110.


Nocterra Brewing Co.

41 Depot Street

Powell, Ohio




Grab your bike. Have an adventure. Build a community. Celebrate with beer.




We are assembling a team of mountain bikers to participate in group rides, organize day trips, and to explore epic trails and races together.




Nocterra Brewing Co. was started by a group of outdoorsy folks with an itch for the occasional adrenalin rush. We adopted the following motto as a guiding force for how we run the business:


Beer + Outside = Nocterra


Nothing better than a great hike, epic rock climb, or killer mountain bike ride to get you thirsty for a beer.


Trek's commitment to the outdoors and the sport of mountain biking, made them the perfect partner. They have some of the best equipment in the industry. No matter what kind of riding you like, they have a bike for you.




This team is open to anyone who enjoys or wants to learn about the sport of mountain biking. We accept riders of all skill levels and are more interested in building a community and having fun than standing on podiums. While we will have a few experienced riders that compete at an expert level, our hope is that they can help mentor those that are newer to the sport. At the end of ride, regardless of skill level, we still all just want to have a beer.




$110, which will include a sweet Nocterra Trek mountain bike jersey (see the team kit below) and a membership to COMBO, the Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization. (We originally said $100, but had to change the price to make sure we cover our costs. Sorry for the error.)


Nocterra and Trek will be throwing in a few sweet benefits as well, but if you're just joining for discounts then you should find another team.  This is about putting together a fun group that enjoys riding bikes and toasting with a beer afterwards.


We will have a full Trek Nocterra MTB Team kit available and members will be able to purchase additional clothing (shorts, jackets, etc...) at their own expense. Prices will vary based on the volume of orders we have.



Deadline to sign up is October 15, 2020.




Everything from "no-drop" group rides to training rides for big races. Events will include local group rides at Alum Creek State Park & Chestnut Ridge Metropark.  Day trips to places like Dillon, Mohican, Great Seal, Devou Park in Cincy and Ray’s Mountain Bike Park.  We will support racers at big events like Mohican 100 and the OMBC XC race at Chestnut Ridge.  Occasionally we'll organize weekend trips to Snow Shoe for downhilling and Brown County, Indiana for their IMBA Epic Trail System. Occasional team meetings will be held at Nocterra or Trek Store to brainstorm some cool events and assign ride leaders.




Team communications will be run openly through a Facebook group that non-members will be able to join. This will allow non-members to follow our story, attend team events, learn what we're all about and help grow the community. We'd love for you to post pics, organize group rides and tell people about the fun you're having on your bike.


Follow the Nocterra Trek Facebook page here!




We're looking for positive people who want to participate in team events and love mountain biking. When wearing your supersweet Nocterra Trek MTB Team jersey you will be an ambassador for Nocterra Brewing Co. & Trek Bikes. While we don't require you to ride a Trek bike, we want you to consider them when you are ready for a new bike or need help with mechanical issues. They are the industry-standard for great service. Nocterra craft beer should be at the top of your list for post-ride recovery beverages. Cheers!


For folks looking for a larger role, we will need help organizing our events and posting to social media. Consider becoming a team captain or entertainment director.



Once we start assembling the team, we will come out with an official calendar of events, but here is a sample of what it might look like:


SEPT: Group Ride: Chestnut Ridge Metropark

OCT: Day Trip: Dillon State Park with cookout afterwards.

NOV: Group Ride: Alum Creek State Park

DEC: Off-Season (Go shop for a Trek Farley fat bike.)

JAN: Off-Season (Encourage a few crazy people to race Snake Creek Gap in Georgia.)

FEB:  Off-Season (Organize a trail day for Combo)

MAR: Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park, Cleveland (Spring Tune-up)

APR: Mohican State Park, Loudonville - Two groups: Beginner and full loop.

MAY: Brown County State Park, Indiana (IMBA Epic Trail with plenty for riders of all skill levels)

JUN: Mohican 100 - Sign up to race, volunteer, camp or just cheer on your teammates.

JUL: OMBC Chestnut Ridge MTB Festival & Race Weekend.

AUG: Day Trip: Lake Hope State Park

SEPT: Alum Creek P2 Time Trial (Time to test your skills)



The official team kit is packed full of "Trail Cred". Look sweet while you're shredding. To be part of the team you are required to have a 1 jersey, but you can order additional pieces at your own expenses. We hope you'll wear it with pride whenever you ride.


Brewery & Taproom

41 Depot St

Powell, OH 43065




Mon 2p-10p

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Thu 11:30a-10p

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