Somewhere along the journey of launching Nocterra into the world, a panel of mathematical experts concentrated the very essence of our brewery into one simple equation…


Beer + Outside = Nocterra


Brilliant.  It’s a simple expression, but it's what we're all about.  We are passionate in our pursuit of perfectly crafted beer, regardless of style, and believe every type of beer deserves a time to shine in its own right!


We are equally passionate about getting outside and getting after it, whatever that might be. Are you getting gnarly on the bike trails?  Birdwatching?  Hiking the AT?  LARPing?  Making sick pow slashes?  Walking your dog?  Floating down the Olentangy on a giant inflatable duck?  Whatever outdoor adventure means to you, we're all for it!   We encourage it!  We want to share a beer afterward and hear your story.


At Nocterra we have the privilege to combine two of the greatest things known to humans, craft beer and the great outdoors, into one awesome brewery.  So grab a six-pack for your next journey or enjoy a pint in the shade of our beer garden.  Every beer we serve celebrates a new adventure.  How cool is that?


Here's to Beer + Outside!

OUr Values

The Moth has two guiding lights - great beer and life outside.


Beer.  What kind of beer?  Well all kinds!  While we all have individual tastes and may naturally prefer certain styles of beer over others, that does not necessarily mean that our favorites are right and someone else's are wrong.  As a brewery that promotes exploration, adventure and trying new things, how could we brew or specialize in only one style of beer?


Nocterra provides a wide range of beers from hoppy to malty, from light to dark, or maybe even a sour twist to an old familiar style. ...and we’re equally stoked about all of them.  Our duty is to make our best representation of any beer we put forth and not waiver on quality under any circumstance.


We encourage you to drink adventurously and try new styles, but ultimately you decide what tastes best for you.  We may be beer geeks, but we aren’t beer snobs.  We’re just here to have fun!


And outside...  Isn't outside just the best?  It is.  It's good for the soul.  Unfortunately many people have lost a close connection with nature and it's increasingly normal to spend little to no time outside.  Our brewery was founded by a group who passionately values outdoor sports and adventures.


Our goal is to encourage others to venture outdoors to deepen their knowledge and appreciation for nature and adventure in all forms, whether that’s scaling the Grand Tetons or just walking to the post office.  Nocterra is a welcoming place where folks can come to share their stories and maybe even plan their next adventure.


With so many styles of beer to explore and so many ways to get out and enjoy life, the simplest equation is the most effective.



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